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Carrot and cumin salad

5th April 2022

It was International Carrot Day this week (April 4th) and so a good time to give this reliable constant of a root vegetable in our Lee Greens bags the spotlight with a simple salad, which paired with cumin, evokes the flavours of Morocco. Enjoy as a side, or as part of a mezze or tapas.

Thanks to Better Food Traders, an ever expanding network and movement of food traders who share similar values around local, delicious, organic fruit and veg which Lee Greens are proud to be a part of, for the recipe.



1-2 tsps of cumin seeds

1 garlic clove

1/2 tsp salt

1 lemon

1 tbsp olive oil

chopped coriander



1) Steam your carrots - sliced thickly or whole if they are baby carrots.

2) Roast your cumin seeds and grind them with a pestle and mortar, adding a clove of crushed garlic, the salt, and then giving it a further grind.

3) Incorporate lemon juice to taste and olive oil.

4) Toss the carrots in the dressing with a handful of chopped coriander. Enjoy!