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Tash's chutney

3rd November 2021

An article from our newsletter on good ways to use up a glut of veg has been the catalyst for a rich chutney-making phase at Lee Greens. Our chief chutney creator is Tash, who's made a wonderful batch. The following recipe is simple and versatile, accommodating any surplus veg which you may want to use up. Add a chilli to the mix for some additional heat - Tash's homegrown chillis provided requisite fire.


  • 500g onion
  • 160g raisins
  • 1kg of whatever veg (or fruit) you want!
  • 350ml vinegar (Tash used a mix of malt and apple cider)
  • 350g sugar (Tash used soft brown)
  • 1tbsp salt
  • 2tbsp spices (Tash used ground ginger, coriander, cinnamon and nutmeg and also made a bouquet garni of mustard seeds, cloves, Szechuan pepper and 4 bay leaves that which can be fished out later)



Simply add all the ingredients into a pot and slowly bring it to a simmer (you don’t want to burn anything) and keep it cooking until you can sniff it without choking on vinegar fumes, the veg looks dark and glossy and the hardest veg has softened. Then simply spoon into sterilised jars and enjoy! Tash suggests leaving it to mature for a month or two.