Broad Bean Salsa

16th June 2021

With broad beans on repeat this time of year, I've been on the lookout for new recipes to try. I can't share the recipe here, due to copyright issues, but wanted to share the joy that was Amelia Freer's Broad Bean Salsa, which I prepared and photographed earlier this week. The broad beans are podded, cooked then slipped from their inner jackets, and mixed with cucumber, herbs, onions and capers. For the herbs I made the most of the wilting chives from a few weeks ago, including their teeny purple flowers. The salsa was perfect accompaniment to fish - either baked like Amelia suggests or pan-fried because I can't resist that crispy skin.

What's even better is there was enough salsa left over for a cold lunch with left over bulghur wheat the next day. As always with broad beans, a little feta cheese is a fantastic accompainment. 

You can find the full recipe HERE 

Photo and post by Ceri Jones