Roasted new potato salad

New potatoes should usually be boiled and cooled before making this kind of salad dish, but I much prefer them roasted - with cripsy skin and melt in the middle soft centres. This dish is incredible flexible in terms of what is added to the potatoes. Here I've gone for blanched and cooled green beans, finely sliced spring onions and rocket - but that could easily be blanched and cooled broad beans, finely sliced regular onion or onion chives and a handful of herbs such as tarragon. 

The dressing is a light mustard vinaigrette. Perfect for taking to a BBQ. 

Ode to Broad beans

Elizabeth McLeod, will be joining Lee Greens as Buyer & Co-ordinator from the end of June. Elizabeth is an accomplished vegetable grower and has been a part of the Lee Greens' Packing Team for 2 years. She's written us as ode to one of our current star ingredients - the broad bean. 

Broad Bean Salsa

With broad beans on repeat this time of year, I've been on the lookout for new recipes to try. I can't share the recipe here, due to copyright issues, but wanted to share the joy that was Amelia Freer's Broad Bean Salsa, which I prepared and photographed earlier this week. The broad beans are podded, cooked then slipped from their inner jackets, and mixed with cucumber, herbs, onions and capers. For the herbs I made the most of the wilting chives from a few weeks ago, including their teeny purple flowers.

Recycling at Lee Greens

Over the last few decades consumerism has grown dramatically and with that comes more waste, and with more waste comes more disposal. It is only the last two decades that have seen good initiatives to address sending all our rubbish to landfill, which as we all know is an ecological nightmare. We here at LeeGreens thought that you, dear customer, would like to see exactly what we do with ours.

When our fabulous produce arrives, from locally sourced farmers,

How local veg schemes are good for your pocket and your planet

Better Food Traders and all their members (including us at Lee Greens) have published findings from a report into the benefits of local veg schemes.  The new report is based on interviews with customers, farmers and staff of Growing Communities - one of your fellow Better Food Traders - and shows that local food retailers who sell food from climate-friendly farmers generate significant value for the people that eat the food, grow the food and the environment. 

Wild Garlic Chimichurri

Wild garlic can be used to replace both herbs and garlic in recipes to great effect, and so it's unsurprising that the use of wild garlic in pesto has been rather ubiquitous amongst the foodies of social media the last few weeks. However there are more to herb sauces than pesto, and you can also used wild garlic for salsa verde, chermoula and chimichurri. Chimichurri is a herb sauce combining parsley, oregano, olive oil, red wine vinegar and chilli, and can usually be found dressing steaks in Argentina.