Making veg go further

Here at Lee Greens we hate to see good food go to waste. That’s why we make sure we donate surplus veg to local good causes, helping out others in our community who are in need. No doubt, you feel the same, and this week, following on from the excellent storage tips a couple of weeks ago, we thought we’d give you some ideas for reducing waste even further.

You may be throwing away parts of your vegetables that you don’t want to eat (who wouldn’t?) but in fact sometimes there’s an opportunity to regrow in your own home or garden. Fun and useful!

Lee Greens fruit bags

We're not only at the cutting veg for seasonal produce - did you know we also offer a weekly fruit bag? And with the British summer soft fruit season on the way, (think classic Wimbledon combos of strawberries and cream) what better time than now to consider a Lee Greens fruit cornucopia.