Soul, Body, Mind - feed them well

In this busy time, post summer holidays, back into routines and the onset of the autumn weather, remember to go gently on yourself. It's at this time I see the onset of raised anxiety levels, feelings of dread as the days shorten and sleeping patterns becoming disturbed. Look at three things, how much nourishment are you giving your soul, your body and your mind? For Paula's full article, go to

Paula Sharp, Nutritional Therapist,

Change your home's chemical load

Our daily lives are full of chemicals, hidden and right in front us. How can we lessen the chemical quantities in our homes, or the amount of chemicals we breathe in, absorb and eat? There are three quick changes that every household can make, which Nutritional Therapist Paula Sharp covers in her latest article HERE

Observer Food Monthly Awards 2018 - Vote For Us

We're entering The Observer Food Monthly Awards 2018 under the flag of the Better Food Traders (BFTs) for best independent retailer. In conjunction with our cooperative vegetable schemes - Crop Drop, Local Greens & Growing Communities - we set up the Better Food Traders (BFTs) BFT network in 2015 to bring together like-minded retailers that were doing things differently. The way food is traded makes a huge impact on how ethically and ecologically it can be farmed, processed and transported.

The beauty of meal prepping!

As a personal trainer, the first thing I ask my clients is about their diet.

I know, it’s a personal question but nutrition is so important when it comes to an exercise programme. It unfortunately doesn’t surprise me when I hear that people do not eat breakfast and end up having to grab a sandwich and crisps at lunch as they were too busy on the weekend to make a packed lunch.