Parlez, Brockley and Lee Greens

Today we would like to profile one of our pick up points in Brockley, the wonderful Parlez.
The founders were asked in a previous interview to explain their story and the ethos behind the business.
Parlez was started in 2016 by two mates from South London who shared a love of the great british pub, they wanted to epitomise what it meant to be a local in today’s London with its mix of ideas and cultures – simple food done well, good music tastefully chosen and a vibrant atmosphere shared with friends.

Local 'Food Portrait Artist' - are you looking for kitchen art?

Lee Greens is delighted to promote local 'Food Portrait Artist', Lucy-Anne Bishop.

Lucy-Anne has merged her work as an environmental educator and previous Kew Gardens ethnobotanist (the cultural uses of plants) with her art. One of her passions is understanding how our human relationship with nature is vital to our wellbeing, especially in urban areas - foraging, seasonal food, parks, gardens and planting. Lucy-Anne is taking painting commissions of favourite foods (or even 'deconstructed' recipes) to decorate kitchen and dining room walls now.

Organic Farming and Wildlife

At Lee Greens we work with a network of fantastic organic farmers to source fresh seasonal vegetables. Organic farming practices are crucial to maintaining the longevity and sustainability of agricultural ecosystems in the UK and across the rest of the world. In this article, we look at the wildlife organic farming supports in the UK.

Recycle, Return, Reuse

We talk a lot at Lee Greens about plastic, and why we’re still using it to deliver your veg, and why some of our farms use it to individually wrap their produce. The answer is not at all simple, but for anyone interested in reading more about why we and other veg schemes like our friends in East London Growing Communities are still using it (after testing out many alternatives) have a read of this article. In short, what we are currently doing is still the best case scenario.