Kohlrabi with sesame dressing

There are boundless possibilities for Kohlrabi and its slightly other-worldly look and here's an Asian-style take on this brasicca whose name derives from the German for cabbage (kohl) and turnip (rabi). A recipe from the Better Food Traders who we are an accredited founding member of. 



3/4 pound trimmed kohlrabi bulbs

1/3 cup Japanese-style sesame seeds (not hulled) toasted

3 tablespoons sesame oil

3 tablespoons (+1 teaspoon) soy sauce

Carrot and cumin salad

It was International Carrot Day this week (April 4th) and so a good time to give this reliable constant of a root vegetable in our Lee Greens bags the spotlight with a simple salad, which paired with cumin, evokes the flavours of Morocco. Enjoy as a side, or as part of a mezze or tapas.

Thanks to Better Food Traders, an ever expanding network and movement of food traders who share similar values around local, delicious, organic fruit and veg which Lee Greens are proud to be a part of, for the recipe.

Getting the most from your Lee Greens

Many of our customers tell us about the benefits of being part of Lee Greens; from eating more fresh, organic seasonal produce and less processed food than they did before, feeling healthier and wasting less by cooking from scratch more to becoming more adventurous in the kitchen and letting vegetables take centre stage in preparing meals. But we also appreciate that with great veg comes what might sometimes feel like the great responsibility of preparing meals to use your veg through the week before Thursday and Lee Greens bag day comes around again.