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Give A Gift

Give The Gift of Food

Our gift vouchers are here!

If you're looking to give a gift, what better than the gift of food!

With our vouchers, you can register a loved one for a 1 month minimum subscription.


- How do I register? - fill in this email form with the recipient's details and select the duration of the subscription. We will then contact you with how to pay

- Will they be alerted? - If you want the gift to be a surprise, you can sign up with your email initially to receive confirmation. Once the gift is given, the receiver can sign in and amend the contact information.

- How long do I have to sign up for? - You can sign up for anything from 1 month upwards, in monthly increments.

- What if I already have a subscription? - If you are already signed up to the scheme, you will need to register with a unique email for your gift, as our system only recognises one account per email address. This can be a secondary email of yours, or the recipient's.

Fill in the form here to book your Gift Voucher

Gift Voucher Form

Donate a Bag This Christmas


Christmas is a very difficult time for refugee families and those in need in the borough, so donated bags are in higher demand and much appreciated.

Every year, we were delighted to donate many food bags plus our surpluses to charity. We know that our customer donations combined with Lee Greens’ regular surplus donations make an enormous difference to our neighbours.

You can email us at [email protected] by midnight on Tuesday 20th December to donate your Bumper Bag to charity. We will deliver your bag to the AFRIL Foodbank or The Whitefoot and Downham Project Foodbank.

If you wish to buy an additional Bumper veg and/or fruit bag to help those families, email us and we can arrange this for you. You will be charged for your Bumper bag(s) and also for the donated Bumper bag.

Make sure this is ordered by midday on Wednesday 14th December

Email us to donate a bag