Eat Seasonal

Eat Seasonal

We love the fact that Lee Greens veg bags are stocked with seasonal produce. But why is this important? 

Eating seasonally means that the vegetables are grown at the same time that we consume them. This reduces the time it takes for the fresh produce to make its way from the plant to your plate.

If you buy vegetables that are “out of season” then they will either be grown in artificial (and often costly) conditions or they will have travelled a long distance to reach you. So in general, seasonal means cheaper.

Seasonal also means better tasting.  Vegetables that have travelled a long way were probably picked before they were ready, or if not, they may have spoiled on the way. We like to source produce that was harvested at the right time and only a couple of days before it reached you. Deeelicious! A better flavour comes alongside a higher nutritional content which is also good news.

By offering you seasonal produce, we can support local growers and UK supply chains and reduce the distance that vegetables are transported, better for our community and for the planet.

Here are some of the vegetables you might expect during the year. We try to source from the UK as much as possible although we do supplement from Europe at certain times.