Lee Greens fruit bags

19th June 2022

We're not only at the cutting veg for seasonal produce - did you know we also offer a weekly fruit bag? And with the British summer soft fruit season on the way, (think classic Wimbledon combos of strawberries and cream) what better time than now to consider a Lee Greens fruit cornucopia.

Each week we'll bring you three different types of fruit - from crisp heritage apples like Spartan and Cox's, Comice and Conference pears, sweet Star Ruby grapefruit, kiwifruits and bananas, through to seasonal wonders like rhubarb and blood oranges as well as novelties such as green satsumas, a variety known as Iwasaki which first originated in Japan. 

Our fruit is, as far as possible, seasonally sourced, British and, naturally, organic. Buying organic fruit would seem to be a sound choice, with a new study showing there's been a 50% increase in harmful pesticide residues found in European fruit over the last nine years - and the UK imports 40% of its fruit from the EU. Find out more on the topic in an article from the Guardian.