Welcome to Lee Greens Wellness January 2021

6th January 2021

What can we say, 2021 has not started in a typical fashion. However, many of us have been feeling reflective over 2020 and have been goal & intention setting for 2021. These may look different to any other year, but top of our Lee Greens list is Wellness. Feeling well, being well and promoting good health. In these exceptional times, we also want to share some tips & tricks on wellness and personal health care. Today we bring you some short tips from Paula Sharp and some recommended online courses with a wellness focus that will keep you entertained this month during lockdown. 

Is your 2021 goal to volunteer in the community in a safe and fun way?  Would you like to work with fresh, organic vegetables?  Can you give a Thursday morning a month (or more) to pack veg into bags for Lee Greens? For more details and a trial run, no commitment, please contact Paula on [email protected] 


Setting Goals and Intentions, How to make them work for you,
by Paula Sharp, Nutritional Therapist

I work with clients who come to me with health change intentions and goals. This is not just about me giving them personalised programs, but also achieving these. Here are my top tips to achieving and sustaining goals & intentions, whatever they may be.

  1. Make your intention list and then rank them from the most to least important, focus on the top ONE.
  2. List how you can make your intention come true?  Want to feel more energetic, start with a change in food. New recipes, less refined sugar, more healthy snacks in the fridge and cupboards?
  3. Use a diary or journal to plan, list & reflect on what works, what hasn't & how to do it differently.
  4. See the bright side of every success towards your goal or intention, no matter how small or large. On tough days or when you 'fall off the wagon', be kind to yourself and start with a clean slate the next day. Have some fun and a laugh. Celebrate how you feel as habits change and energy increases.
  5. Give yourself personal time, this maybe 15 minutes or longer, to think and do (plan a meal, stretching or yoga, read, listen to music) - just for you & completely guilt free.


Recommended* Online Classes 

  • Saturday, 16 January - Gut Feeling Online Masterclass, with Nutritionist Paula Sharp & Botanical Pharmacist Fawz Farhan.
  • Sunday, 24 January - Taste + Create - Art & tea blending workshop with George Dunkerton, the Tea Man.
  • Monday, 25 January - 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Online Course with Mindful Globe.
  • Wednesday 27 January - Plant Based Plates, an online cooking class with Food Educator and Chef Ceri Jones 
  • Saturday, 30 January - Immune Booster Online Masterclass, with Nutritionist Paula Sharp & Botanical Pharmacist Fawz Farhan.

*Recommended because they are hosted by various members of the Lee Greens Community! 

We hope these tips help, and you're all embracing the online life again. Let us know if you have any tips to share, or events by local practitioners to share. The best way of doing this is visiting our social media pages 

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