Seasonal Foods and Immunity

18th January 2021

Immunity is also on everyone's mind at the moment.  How can we create our own 'personal immune resilience' to fight off winter illnesses?  Paula Sharp, Nutritional Therapist, looks at seasonal foods and how they can help us.

Your immune system is your body’s first line of defence.  Most people imagine the immune system to be made up of an army of white blood cells, which go into battle when bacteria or viruses ‘invade’. However, your whole body is effectively your immune system.  Your skin, your digestive tract, your stomach acid, your lymphatic system, the hairs in your nose and ears... and, yes your leucocytes, the fighting white blood cells. To support our immunity we need to consume zinc-rich foods, like kale, spinach, chard, brussels sprouts and uber zinc packed pumpkin seeds (roast them, don’t waste them).  

But the true STARS of autumn and winter are the alliums, most importantly, the humble onion and garlic. They are packed tightly with anti -inflammatory phytonutrients and flavonoids, these detoxify, are highly anti-inflammatory and work as natural antibiotics. Onions hold these qualities when cooked (unlike many other vegetables where phytonutrients are leached out during cooking), while garlic is better used raw! Instead of cooking your onion and garlic together at the start, leave your garlic until last, use a garlic press and squeeze it into your soups, stroganoffs and casseroles. The flavour is just as rewarding and the benefits are far more medicinal. 

To learn more about immunity and immune resilience, join Paula Sharp & Fawz Farhan for their Masterclass on Saturday, 30 January from 10-12pm