Connecting with our Food Through Cooking with Ceri Jones

27th January 2021

Lee Green's Wellness January is coming to a close, we hope we've been able to share with you techniques and tips that have enhanced your month, given you a different perspective and/or have been food for thought.  To continue, Food Educator & Chef Ceri Jones, shares her joy for cooking and why connecting with our food is so important.

Connecting with our Food Through Cooking   
by Ceri Jones 

I started getting interested in cooking as a creative outlet in the evenings whilst the day job I was doing was no longer serving me in the way I'd hoped. The more I cooked, and started to explore recipes and different cuisines the more I noticed that cooking was a great way to take my mind off things, to calm that chatter in my head. Even if it was just for the hour I was in the kitchen, it was enough.

My mind doesn't tend to drift when I'm concentrating so hard on chopping an onion, podding broad beans, or even flicking out seeds from a Pomegranate (which is one of my favourite mindful cooking tasks). Nor does it when I'm following a recipe, and concentrating so I don't miss any steps, or using my creative juices to make up my own recipe as I go along - a little pinch of spice here, another knob of butter there. There simply isn't enough space in my brain to think about anything else. I liked the creative escape. In fact I liked the escape so much I left my job I didn't like and undertook my chef training. I loved it! 

I always disliked the idea of traditional meditation, a bit too woo for me, and I always found it a struggle to find the time to just sit and be, but if cooking could be my meditation, a sort of moving meditation like yoga, then that I could do.

The fact that it means I end up with a delicious and nourishing meal to eat at the end is the cherry on the top! 

So next time you're in the kitchen cooking dinner, take time to connect with the process, and see if you can find that moment of moving meditation too.

Ceri Jones is a Food Educator and Chef, and currently runs online cooking classes from her home kitchen in New Cross. You can find out more about her online classes here

Header photo by Alyson McPhee on Unsplash