Nourishing January

11th January 2017
Nourishing January

A new year, a new you!  But is the ‘January Detox’ the right approach to January? 
After an exciting and indulgent December we often like to ‘dry out, pull back, eat better and ‘detox’’.  So why is this so hard to stick to in January?  Because TIMING is spring-cleaning our systems. What can we do?

  1. Sleep more than six hours a night
  2. Reduce your alcohol, caffeine and heavy meats
  3. Support your liver with zinc and B supplements*
  4. Nourish your body with warming casseroles, stews and seasonal vegetables
  5. Be kind to yourself and go gently through January
  6. For full article check out Paula's page

Paula Sharp - Nutritional Therapist
*Do seek advice from a qualified nutritional therapist for more info on supplementation.