Happy Holidays and a VERY Happy Digestion To You All!

21st December 2016

Happy Holidays and a VERY Happy Digestion To You All!I love Christmas. The smells, the wrapping, the unwrapping, the telephone calls around the world and the food with all the trimmings.  Every family has their traditions and what they traditionally eat.  Often this takes its toll on our digestive systems and by Christmas afternoon everyone over 12 needs a nap or at least a lie down. I have five easy tricks up my sleeve that will see you through the Christmas joys and excesses with an intact digestive system and energy to burn.
Balance rich meats and sweet sweets with plenty of green vegetables (and green juices), nuts and seeds.  Christmas Brussels’ sprouts, broccoli and kale will keep your acid-alkaline levels balanced and help avoid bloated stomachs and loosened belts. 
Remember your liquids.  Hydration is key to a clear mind and a happy outlook.  Add a vegetable juice to the day and keep sipping that water.  Zing it up with a slice or lemon or some grated ginger. Your stomach will love the bitter drinks - Cheers! 
Before your big meal, start with a salad of fresh and slightly bitter leaves like rocket, kale or watercress (with pine nuts and a lemon and olive oil dressing).  This will wake up your digestive enzymes and get your stomach ‘juices’ flowing just in time for the Christmas turkey and all its trimmings.
Love your liver.  It works hard all year round, but particularly in Celebratory December.  Keep up with your Vitamin C & B supplements and zinc tablets.
And on a mindful note, remember to have fun with your Christmas moments.  Take time to relax your body and focus on the day’s magic (as vs. the work that goes into making the magic.)
Merry Christmas Everyone and go happily into 2017.
Paula Sharp is a qualified Nutritional Therapist, living and working in Lee Green.  She works with her clients to promote optimal health and energy.  For consultations she can be contacted on 0778 662 1251 or [email protected]