Connecting with the Community

1st November 2016
The Greenhouse Deptford

Connecting with the CommunityThe Greenhouse Deptford

Earlier this Autumn, the Greenhouse in Deptford became Lee Greens’ 6th drop off point.  We headed over there to meet owners Ian and Monika…
Why did you decided to become involved with Lee Greens?
We wanted to become a pick up point for the scheme because as well as supporting local farmers, and promoting additive and chemical free foods, we acknowledged there was currently no where round here to get organic veg, and we wanted one ourselves too.
What does eating seasonally and organic mean to you?
It’s hard for us as a business as availability of seasonal produce is constantly changing.  At home we try our best, and admit we had a lack of knowledge of exactly what was in season before now.  The supermarkets automatically drive us to eating whatever they have in stock.  We’re hoping the veg bag will teach us to do more with seasonal produce.

What’s your favourite vegetable?
The humble carrot.  Or peas from my Grandad’s garden.
What’s your signature dish?
Potatoes Yachini, which is on our breakfast menu.  It’s a healthier hash brown replacement and adapted from a Jamie Oliver recipe.  Its full of potatoes and tomatoes.
Do you have any top South East London tips?
The Royal Albert pub in Deptford (opposite The Greenhouse!), Buster Mantis, a cocktail bar in the railway arches in Deptford and Hilly Fields Park.