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About Lee Greens Organic Food Veg

About us

Lee Greens is a not for profit veg bag scheme run by enthusiastic, vegetable-loving people living in Lewisham, Lee, Blackheath and the surrounding area. We provide local people with affordable seasonal, organic vegetables from small local farms - we believe in eating great fresh food that supports local trade and minimises food miles. Community is at the centre of what we do: small local businesses serve as pick-up points for our produce because they believe in what we do, and we build strong relationships with local famers so that we can support one another in the long term.  

We are an accredited Better Food Trader, demonstrating our firm commitment to ethical principles.

In 2017 Lee Greens won the Mayor of Lewisham's Business Award for Excellence in the category of Enviromental Award. We were chosen primarily due to our 'Pick-up point' model for veg bag collection. By not delivering to homes we reduce emissions; members picking up in the community support local business; Lee Greens buys from organic farmers who protect the soil and food miles are kept as low as possible.

Also in 2017 Lee Greens was also presented the Mayor's Award for Voluntary Contribution. This was given in recognition of the work the Lee Greens' volunteers do to help provide the local community with fresh organic veg and to thereby eat healthly, support local businesses and the environment. 

In 2022 we were one of five finalists for Mayor's Award in the category of Best Green Business, as voted by Lewisham residents.

Mayor's Award for Voluntary Contribution

We are pleased to support the hard work of important local causes by donating our surplus veg, donated bags and uncollected veg bags. We also supply free veg to these organisations for specific events:

  • Action For Refugees In Lewisham (AFRIL) supports refugees and asylum seekers who are in poverty. They run a weekly food bank and also give food directly to families in need.
  • The Refugee Cafe serves delicious, international food whilst providing hospitality training and a path to employment for local refugees. They are currently running online cookery classes, celebrating food cultures present in Lewisham. Follow @refugeecafe to find out about future events.
  • Free veg for local single mothers on a low income - a valuable source of nutrition which they often can't afford.
  • Whitefoot & Downham Community Food + Project (wdcfplus) aims to alleviate poverty in the local area. They run a weekly food bank and supports those in need in the area.



Support us!

We are always looking for people to help out.  You could deliver fliers, pack our veg bags, or help deliver the bags to the pick-up points. If you are interested in joining our friendly team, see more details on our "Join Our Team" page.


Our Farmers

We have developed relationships with local farmers to source fresh, organic and seasonal vegetables. By having these close connections they share with us the best of their crop, and in return we support them with reliable business at a fair price for them. Find out more information on our "Farmers" page.

Our People

Chris, Director

Chris Henry provides the overall business vision and direction, so that Lee Greens meets it targets and sticks to its ethos and objectives. He works closely with the team to ensure everything goes smoothly each week and that everyone has what they need to do the best job possible.

Celia, Director

Celia Bradley set up the business in 2015, keen to combine her three passions: community, healthy eating and the environment. She supports Chris as part of the management team, providing guidance and direction.

Elizabeth, Scheme Co-ordinator

Elizabeth McLeod is responsible for liaising with suppliers and selecting the veg each week. She oversees the packing team to get the veg out to our customers. 

Michael, Customer Relations

Michael Simmons liaises with our pick-up points to ensure everything is running smoothly for our community partners and our customers. He's always on the lookout for potential new locations so we can expand. He also takes care of new customer registrations and ongoing customer management.

Our drivers

Dave and George work together to get our delicious veg out to the pickup points across the area. Not very long ago the delivery work took about three hours but with the big increases in customer numbers and a wider area to deliver to, it's now more like six!

Marketing team

Kieran and Tash work together on social media, our newsletter, website, recipes and photography. Tash is responsible for social media and photograpy, she does this whilst helping on the delivery and also veg packing teams. Kieran writes the newsletter and gathers receipes, he is also part of the packing team. 

Our volunteers

We are supported by a fantastic team of volunteer packers who spend a busy Thursday morning putting the correct veg into each bag and ensuring the right bags go out to the right pick-up points. They all agree it's fun and very sociable.


Why Lee Greens?

Community led

Local trade, not big business

Fresh, seasonal organic vegetables

Fewer food miles

Some of our team